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February 19, 2009 / alunatunes

Organize Your Band-Liberties…


Bands are usually organized by one or two people with a musical vision, but a band meeting is a place for everyone to feel at liberty to speak up and contribute. Be mindful that, though you may be the instigator of a project, its success relies on the personality and professionalism of the players and mutual creation of music. When you were in school, it was common to work on “group projects” where students are encouraged to come together, choose a leader and team members and complete a project. In education the concept of group work fosters “ownership of the project.” The success or failure of an assignment is not the fault of one or two people, it is everyone’s responsibility. Leaders of a music group must tunes themselves to the input of fellow band mates, unless you are hiring players as employees. And even employees have certain rights.


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