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February 25, 2009 / alunatunes

Sample Press Release

Several people have asked for this so here it is!
For Immediate Release

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zao water is a non profit organization based in Clemmons NC and is comitted to providing clean water sources for people in developing countries. Our approach is simple. We SELL water to GIVE water.
We develop springs and wells in places where people do not have access to safe water. All of our water projects are funded by donations and the proceeds from our bottled water business

SONGS OF WATER and Will Ridenour (African Harp)
Africa Relief Benefit Show in conjunction with Zao Water
at Brendle Recital hall at Wake Forest University
November 21, 2008
$5.00 suggested donation
Doors at 7:00pm

“Not quite folk music, or world music, or New Age, but consistently a delight that transcends genre and location and even time, Songs of Water is easily one of the finest CDs I have heard in several years.”
–Richard Mackenzie, Mysteries Magazine

“This [band] plays instrumental music that wanders far afield from the typical ‘alternative’ ideal of such fare. As the liner notes say, ‘welcome the quiet invitation.’ Not many rock bands can use hammered dulcimer as a featured instrument and still keep their focus tight. [This band does] that and more, borrowing from both American roots and world beat influences to create a truly original sound.”
–Jon Worley, A&A Magazine, Issue 268

Songs of Water at Brendle Recital Hall November 21

Stephen Roach, the leader of the inspired and eclectic, SONGS OF WATER is a quiet, intense, thoughtful sort of guy. But in one conversation, his natural vibrant energy bubbles when he speaks of the music he’s creating with band mates Jason Windsor (guitars), Marta Richardson (violin), Greg Willett (bass) and Michael Pritchard (percussion). On the band’s page (, influences are “communion, miracles and childlike wonder”. Listening to the band’s middle eastern, celtic and rock blend is a nearly cosmic experience. Hammered dulcimer and violin weave among guitars, bass and drums. Songs of Water is a highly original and unique listening experience. Roach and the band have a unique perspective on the creation and presentation of their sound. There’s a mesmerizing quality to the music, a hypnotic sort of listening experience. Roach describes it as a healing sound.

And Songs of Water understands alot about healing. In 2007, founding member Israel Sarpolus fell ill and died of cancer. Songs of Water’s website still lists him as an honorary member.

“We did very few gigs,” the 32-year-old Roach says. “We stood by him.The whole band is a community of friends. That’s where the band comes from. He wasn’t just a guy we hired to play. We felt that we had been given a unique sound to offer the world which we hadn’t completed when he passed away. We think he would’ve insisted that we kept going.”

And kept going they have, launching themselves anew late last year, Songs of Water has played select shows in North Carolina (including the prestigious Tosco Music Party) and a new cd is in the planning stages.

“We’re planning to record this August and anticipate a fall/winter release. We’ve also contributed a song to a compilation CD which is due to be released later this summer.” Roach said. “The project is raising money to provide clean drinking water in Africa through a local water bottling company, Zao Water.”

Songs of Water breathes fresh life into not only the creation but the presentation and purpose of original music.
“Part of our vision is to incorporate film and other forms of visual/performing arts to our live experiences.” Roach sums up,”On a deeper level, we’ve seen that music is a powerful tool that can be used to bring hope, joy and even healing. Over the next two years, we hope to use our music to bring these experiences to larger audiences.”
More info about Zoa Water Project can be found at


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