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March 9, 2009 / alunatunes

A Musical Identity:Bar band, art band, hobby band,acoustic, electric

Will you be a bar band or an art band focused on shows in museums and art galleries? Often this decision is made for a group as they choose venues and opportunities they feel would be suit the music.

Maybe you’d just like to totally play music for fun and be a hobby band. Are you a rock or country act? Is your band simply a vehicle to promote songs? Does the band feature vocals as a strong selling point? Are you acoustic based or electric? Or both?

All of these elements make up a band’s identity. a band is made up of individual members but those personalities come together to create the band’s musical identity. The band is a being in and of itself. In marketing, this is called branding. The more you can think of your band as a brand and your brand as an actual living breathing person, the easier it is to make decisions for it and keep it focused. Considering the band as a person, it’s easier to be objective.


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