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March 17, 2009 / alunatunes

Marketing to ideal fans-How do they listen?

After you’ve discovered your demographic (your target audience or audiences) it’s time to figure out how to reach it. How does your ideal fan LISTEN to music? Do they support venues and clubs or do they listen via IPod or Iphone? Do they listen to friends’ opinions or are they the ones who create opinions among friends. Do they spread ideas online in a viral community or at a tangible grassroots level? Do they still like and purchase CDS or do they only download music.

Are they still in the vinyl age?  Do your fans still have listening gatherings remniscent of the 1960s? 

All these questions help define how best to market to ideal fans. If you’re a moody, shoe gazer pop trio, you won’t find ears and empathy at a tattoo convention. Understand the music you create and define WHO will listen and HOW.


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