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March 31, 2009 / alunatunes

Band as Business: All for one, one for all

The Three Musketeers motto stands as a six word golden rule for bands. Once a group is formed musically, there’s a psychology that develops as individuals become a tribe, interested in sustainability and success as an entity. The group vision is formed and the band starts to think as a familial unit, considering overall goals and developing and implementing plans to achieve them.

An statement of success, what I like to call a Musketeers Manifesto, helps band members develop and implement common goals and objectives. The Musketeers motto, All for One-One for All, is a perfect starting statement as a band is organizing. If there are four members of the band pointing in four different directions, there is no common goal. Success requires a common objective. Create individual success statements. Come together as a band and craft a Musketeers Manifesto from those individual statements. Your manifesto will keep your goal in sight during your band’s growth. It will be a map and guide for your booking agent, your manager, tour manager, and publicist in the future.

The Manifesto should change and grow as the band develops. Strategies will alter. New plans and goals will reveal themselves. The Manifesto should be a flexible guide allowing the band to create and implement new plans as the market or members change. The goal itself, though, should not be altered. The top of a mountain does not change- but the ways to get to the summit change all the time.






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