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April 3, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money-Instant Gratification

moonstruck-logo“The waiting is the hardest part…” -Tom Petty

There can be such a small sliver of time between desire and gratification. Particularly if there’s a piece of credit card plastic in ones hand. We send emails and expect a response in minutes. A blackberry or similar device can put answers at our fingertips in seconds. Communication is lightening fast and can be nearly as dangerous.

We’ve lost the deliciousness of the wait. We’ve lost the ability to fully read, consider and reply. In the days of letters, information took weeks or months to travel, as words were dispersed via riders on horses or sailing ships.

Instant gratification is overrated.  Being mindful makes one treasure the wait between desire and fulfillment.  When one is living without the bling of instant gratification, the wait is indeed sweet.

I waited to have my own company. I worked four jobs (requiring four different sets of clothes, but that is another story) to keep a roof over my head, my bills paid and food on the table. In 2001, I took the plunge into total self employment. It’s never been an easy road, but could have been much harder if I had not had the time to develop a business strategy and figure things out during the Four Job Years.

The waiting may be the hardest part, but it many times, is also the most gratifying.


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