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April 7, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money- The brink of disaster

“Frequently lives beyond his means to the brink of disaster…” -unknown

I’ve read this a couple of times as a self description on a webpage. I realize it is meant in jest. But during these economic times, the simple phrase possesses a gravity and a point to ponder.

The brink of disaster for musicians is never more than a breath away. If an instrument is stolen or damaged, our livelihood suffers. If gigs fall through, our bottom financial line is severely eroded. Illness or accident can force us into a dire circumstance much faster than others. We lack job security, insurance and paid sick leave.

How do we guide ourselves away from the brink of disaster during such startling and shocking financial times?

Save more, cook at home more, shop thrift stores more.

Spend less, drink less, excess less.

Hard times will strike despite infinite precautions and planning. But surfing a crisis will be easier if you give time to mindful living and careful consideration of how you’re managing money.

Llive below your means. This mindset funtions as a bank account in times of slow gigs or economic uncertainly. Living below ones means builds character and provides precious guidance in times of stress or change. It is indeed an attribute to aspire to.


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