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April 10, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money- The Frugal Musician

The Spanish verb aprovechar means to use something wisely. It refers to getting full value from life, to harness, to improve, to be useful.

I write a blog called The Frugal Musician, where I pass along tips and ideas designed to help artists navigate the choppy waters of making a living making music. It’s a one stop shop for ideas concerning wise spending and creative, mindful living.  I write about cooking at home, how to patch a pair of jeans and how to expand your concept of green living. I believe a big portion of our enjoyment of life as a musician or a music business professional is determined by our ability to enjoy what we already have. To use our gifts wisely, to harness our talent, to be useful, to improve our world and the lives of others; this should be our daily creed.

Do you enjoy your talent? Do you enjoy the feel of strings or keys under your fingers? Do you adore the act of creating music alone or with a group? Do you experience deep satisfaction in booking shows, providing publicity support or writing about music?

Recognize much of life involves appreciation for what you already have. Music is a fair and glorious gift. Treasure your divine inspiration and blessing.


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