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April 17, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money- What is wealth?

The word wealth implies vast riches, endless piles of greenbacks, a mansion, luxury automobiles, travel and the ability to be financially indepedent.

But there are degrees of wealth beyond dollars and cents.

Do you have resources within the music industry? That’s better than money in the bank.

Do you have talent and ideas and a creative energy that keep you in touch with divine inspiration? You are RICH.

Do you have fans who love and respect you and your music? That is sustainability and job security.

Wealth is more than money. Wealth is feeling abundant and appreciative of your music gifts. Wealth is the ability to touch fans, gather resources and connect with others. Wealth is adding value to the lives of others.

Make a list of what makes you wealthy. Don’t think about money. Think about resources, skills, connections, friends, family, home, health, happiness, artistry.

Redefine your ideas about wealth. Start today to feel more abundant and at peace with your financial status.


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