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April 28, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money-Personal Wealth



“Money is a part of personal wealth, but so is LOVE, inner peace, harmony, beauty, joy, perfect health, authentic expression, discovering your bliss, pursuing your passions, fulfilling your divine destiny…” -Sarah Ban Breathnatch

What creates a feeling of wealth for you? How would you describe success? How about abundance?

Personal wealth has not much to do with bank accounts and stacks of cash. It is more about how we feel about our present position in life, whether we are satisfied or dissatisfied with our current state of emotional ecomony.

Musicians face a myriad of puzzling issues concerning money. Often, especially in the beginning, music does not pay a sustainable rate of income. It costs money to buy instruments, grow proficient, rent rehearsal spaces, book studio time, create cds, buy vans, and tour. The initial outlay will far exceed income.

It’s a gamble. A risk. You should have a deep belief that creating music must be done on a divine level instead a monetary one.  Music is a gift of the heavens. The desire to create it and then to spread your gifts is in itself a noble aspiration.


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