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April 30, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Money- Get what you want

“If you want material affluence, help others become materially affluent. The easiest way to get what YOU want is to help others get what THEY want.”- Deepak Chopra

This is a reciprocal universe. When we were children we often heard what comes around goes around. You get as you give. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The quickest way to raise our own internal stature is to treat each other with dignity and respect. When you develop social skills incorporating treating others the same way you would like to be treated, the universe looks down upon you with grace. You find things coming your way because you have helped others with the things they need.

This might be the music business but it really is a business. Treat others in your path with honor and good will. We are after all, fighting a great battle to achieve sustainability in music, art and creativity.

Your manners are sometimes your greatest strength. Use them.

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