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May 5, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health-Heavy mental mania

carlas-photos-050Photo from the Halloween display at The Sloss Furnance in Birmingham AL

Musicians receive inspiration, process information, write and then perform. This is a standard procedure of creativity.

But what happens when inspiration doesn’t filter down properly, when circuits are jammed and busy and nothing seems to be happening? Creative writer’s block or non-progress weighs heavily on musicians at one time or another.

When blocking seems to be the course of the day, try stepping into the observer’s shoes and take an inventory of who is in your immediate social circle. We’ve talked about the dark energy of clubs, travel vans, hotels and venues but take a moment to scout about and evaluate the people who surround you. People carry dark, negative energy as well as places.

Here are a few Heavy Mental Maniacs to be on the look out for in your music world. These people can jam your frequencies and knock you off course in no time. Fight negative energy by seeking solitude, asking for protection, invoking Gabriel prayers or meditating.

The Vampire: wants to suck your life and creativity right out of your body.  You may even feel an energy shift when this person enters your orbit. Likes to travel in the guise of a well meaning, well intentioned human but really wants to see you fail.

The Wannabe: doesn’t have the talent,ability,drive or amibition you do, so they’ll leech energy away from you hoping to make you less so they’ll be more.

The Megalomaniac: often travels in the body of a manager. Wants to control every facet of an artist’s career to the point the artist becomes fearful of making any move at all.

The Whiner: Finds something wrong with EVERYTHING.

Be watchful and mindful of your precious energy and don’t allow it to be stolen or misused.


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  1. Trent Hamm / May 6 2009 2:29 am

    Excellent observations. You’re better off just keeping these people out of your life.

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