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May 20, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health- hotel rooms


SIMPLIFIED from Charlotte NC is one of the hardest working bands on the southeastern music scene. They travel between 20-25 days a month, so hotels are second homes to them.

The cleanliness of  hotel rooms vary from the barely tolerable to the ultra immaculate.  Whether they meet the former or latter requirements, one must remember hotel rooms are for travelers and as such they see a plethora of germs.

When you enter a hotel room, strip the comforter from the bed and toss it behind the door. Drop the remote into a plastic bag. Spray the bathroom with disinfectant spray. Spray a hand cloth with disinfectant spray and wipe the tv control buttons and lamp and light switches. Those are the objects you come in contact with most in a hotel environment.

Spray bedding and pillows or better yet bring your own pillow. Remember hotel rooms often lack humidity. Travel with a portable humidifier that uses a bottle of water as a receptacle.

Following just a few rules as you’re checking into hotel rooms can help keep you healthy on tour!


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