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May 21, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health- backstage areas and dressing rooms


Last Waltz Ensemble: Progressively playing the music of Bob Dylan and The Band

Touring musicians spend A LOT of time in backstage and dressing room areas. Like hotel rooms, these range from top tier spaces with showers, refrigerators, and wide screen tvs to an abandoned 8×8 “office” area that looks more like a closet.

Since so much time is spent backstage and in dressing rooms, perhaps a portable backstage first aid kit should be part of your load in.

A simple small road case with things like candles, incense, pleasing photos, talismans, etc may be part of a backstage survival package.  Blankets and throws can be easily folded and brought out and tossed onto sofas.  Thin tapestries can be used on the wall. A portable humidifier helps the musicians as well as the instruments.

Remember the rules for hotel rooms and follow the same sanitizing procedures in a backstage area or dressing room.

With a little thought and planning, backstage areas and dressing rooms can become places of beauty and calm as you wait for your time on stage.


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