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May 22, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health- Five more Healthy Rules of Rock




Charlotte NC rockers SIMPLIFIED at NASCAR’s REV’D UP Wednesday concert May 13

Simplified is a hard working road worthy rock band from Charlotte NC. The band tours 20-25 nights a month regionally and nationally making them one of the busiest ensembles on the music scene.

Constant touring is tough on the body, mind and spirit. Often, touring is where a musician is most at home but where health issues are most likely to occur. Consider these healthy rules of rock as you’re traveling this summer.

*These rules are only suggestions. As a former tour manager, these “rules” are from my own experience. Always seek guidance from a doctor or health professional.

1. Take a multivitamin- but don’t overdo it. Vitamins cannot take the place of a healthy diet. Often, touring artists are hard pressed to find nutritious, affordable meals and opt to up their intake of vitamins to compensate. It’s unwise to use vitamins as food. Vitamin overdoses cause nausea. Stick to a good balanced diet and supplement with a multivitamin.

2. Take a low dose aspirin.  81 mg of aspirin keep blood flowing and maintains a healthy heart.

3. Remove the comforter from the hotel bed and drop the tv remote in a clear plastic bag upon check in. Those two items rarely are cleaned during housekeeping.

4. Learn to use a portable humidifier. Though expensive, a portable humidifier can help with general congestion from too much cigarette smoke, air conditioning and allergies. They work wonders on tired vocal cords and dry nasal passages. Most require only a small amount of space and a liter of bottled water.

5. Ask for a deli tray, fruit and bottled water at load in as part of your hospitality rider. Most bands opt for alcohol, energy drinks and soda. Meat and cheese, veggies and a fruit are much wiser options.


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