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May 26, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health- Convenience store Tour Food Don’ts!

Yummy, yummy for your tummy….NOT!

While healthy options are available at most stores dotting the highways of tourdom, a convenience store is still a quick stop and a quick bite for most, and that means sugar and fat laden products abound.

When stopping at convenience marts on tour, think healthy. Stay away from processed, salty and sugar filled snacks. Here are some items that should NOT go in your goody bag to take back to the van…

Potato chips, corn chips- salty, fatty and greasy= ick

Sodas-sodas are laden with sugar and carbs – lighter varieties are ok occasionally but not as the main source of hydration for your body

Energy drinks- instant high+crash= irritability- and they’re expensive

Crackers- salt and processing take the good right out of them

Coffee drinks- most convenience stores have handy dispensers of Chocolate Mocha Latte Frappacino goodness that has a billion sugary calories, loads of caffeine and not a whit of anything even remotely good for you. Except for the taste. And I have to admit, a Chocolate Mocha Latte Frappicino out of a dispenser is darn good on a cold night in the midwest…..

Candy- unless you’re choosing an 85% dark chocolate bar, just skip it. It’s not worth the calories and sugar content and carbs.

Processed meat sticks- slim jims, jerky- does this even sound appetizing?

You can make healthy decisions even when you’re faced with slim choices.


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