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May 27, 2009 / alunatunes

Musicians and Health- fast food tour do’s

As ubiquitous as they are, fast food restaurants are a main source of food for many traveling minstrels.  At almost any time and place, the happy neon signs of Mac, or The Colonel or The Bell offer fare to quell a growling belly.

Fast food restaurants have been under the microscope lately, as the media has shed light on the contents of burgers and fries. Most fast food joints now have healthy choices and appear to truly want to make amends for their nutritious past transgressions.

When faced with a fast food fix, choose from these options for a quick but healthy meal.

Salads- dressings are the main fat culprit here. Opt for low fat dressings and skip the add ons like croutons and crackers

Baked potatoes- a great option especially filled with vegetables

Plain beans and cheese- while not an optimum option because of lard in the beans, it’s at least not as bad as a fried taco

Kids meal- kid’s meals have healthy options like sliced apples, yogurt and milk and are lighter than adult entrees. Plus you usually get a fun toy to play with in the van.

Individual cereal bowls and milk are usually available anything even after breakfast hours.

Fruit and nut choices are available at the golden arches- skip the caramel dipping sauce and you have a nutritious treat

Beverage choices include unsweetened tea, plain coffee, and juices.

Even in the midst of a tour, a little thought will help before you hit the fast food highway.


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