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June 2, 2009 / alunatunes

How To Tour 101


Nothing says summer like outdoor stages featuring music from around the globe or down the block. June is a perfect time to consider getting out of the practice room and into the van, even if it’s just for a brief two week run.

Touring is the way musicians spread the word about themselves and the music they create. The internet, myspace, twitter, facebook, etc can say alot for you, but nothing quite says it like a live show in a new location. The excitement seeing new talent is exhilarating, for audiences, band members and music business professionals.

Consider this as you tour or consider touring: approach touring as a practice of love.  Touring, especially at a mid level rarely makes money. If we’re very lucky, we’ll come home with some jingle in our pockets. But it’s also commendable to tour and be able to break even. Realize everyone has to start somewhere, whether it’s playing for a small group of friends or performing in front of a crowd of thousands.

Tour as an expression of your passion for the music. Tour with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. It is not all fun and games in tourland. Sometimes an attitude adjustment or two is in order. Remember your talent is a divine expression and as you tour, you have the ability to spread love, encouragement and positive energy to your audiences and fellow bandmates.

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