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June 8, 2009 / alunatunes

How to Tour 101- Select touring/select markets


We love some Bucktown Kickback. Not only is this band super talented, the name is snappy and tour planning makes total sense.

Adam Dudding is a superb songwriter and has taken advantage of living in Nashville to partake in songwriting circles and work on publishing deals. Because Adam and the rest of his band are music professionals, they choose to select tour.

When Bucktown releases a cd (usually once a year in early spring) they tour 8 -12 weekends in the spring or early summer. They take the entire summer off except for a few scattered festivals and special events, then tour again in the fall and early winter for 8-12 weeks.

They choose select touring in select markets. Because they are not road warriors or have a wild abandon booking mentality, they can spread their music effectively without taking on debt and personal stress.

Consider select touring/select markets as a way to preserve your sanity but spread your songs.


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