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July 3, 2009 / alunatunes

A-advance, advertising, accommodations, address, age restrictions, acoustic

Visulite 4-09 Courtesy of Adam Schultz 104


advance- the act of calling the venue or talent buyer to confirm details about a show or performance. To see a detailed advance, visit:…t-with-a-buyer/

advertising-paid placement of information about your band or show. Advertising is NOT publicity.

accommodations- hotels, motels, band apartments or band houses are all accommodations. When booking a show always ask if accommodations are provided. If not, ask the buyer if they have a corporate rate at a hotel or motel in the area. A corporate rate is a discounted price on rooms.

address- the performance address of a venue can be different from the mailing address for publicity posters, cds, etc. Always remember to CONFIRM the PERFORMANCE address when advancing a show.

age restrictions- ALL AGES, 21 and up or 18 and up? It’s good to know this information so you’ll know how and where to market your performance. If your show is restricted to 21 and up, you won’t want to encourage fans at the local high school to attend.

acoustic- without amplification. Be sure you have an acoustic presentation of your music in order to take advantage of instudio (radio) performances.


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