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July 7, 2009 / alunatunes

B-booking agent, buy out, backline, buzz

booking agent- the person responsible for securing shows and guarantees for you or your band. An agent requires a fee for booking, usually a 10-20% commission. A booking agent is just that and should not be confused with a publicist or public relations person, manager, or tour manager.

buy out- a sum of money given to the band to purchase meals by a venue. This is negotiated along with the contract. Venues who do not have restaurants and who are not providing hospitality (food) often give bands buy outs. A buy out is usually $10 – $15 per person in the band and is given to the group after load in and sound check.

backline- some events, especially festivals, provide backline to bands. Backline is basically a drum kit (drummers bring their own cymbals and snares) a bass amp and a guitar amp. Backline is provided when multiple bands are playing to avoid between set confusion and easy set up.

buzz- people talking, chatting, twittering, facebooking, myspacing, about your band. Also includes articles in print publications, chatter among music business professionals, conversations among music fans, photos, captions, texting, etc. Buzz is interest in your band OUTSIDE the band itself.


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