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July 8, 2009 / alunatunes

C-contracts, comped, corporate rate, curfew, capacity,

book 2


contract- a legal and binding agreement between two parties (usually the ARTIST and the BUYER) that states specific details of a performance including date and time of performance, set times, start and end times, and guarantee amount.

comped- food, beverage, accommodations that are given to a band. Food may be comped and capped at $50.  Beer may be comped but liquor drinks may be exempt. Always get comped items in writing and confirm with the venue upon arrival at your show.

corporate rate- the rate given by hotels to businesses. A corporate rate is arranged between the venue owner or talent buyer and the hotel. When accommodations are not provided by a venue, ask if they have a corporate hotel rate you can take advantage of.

curfew- the time when drinks have to be off tables and crowds must be out of the bars. Also includes when people must be off the streets. Curfews are most common and mostly enforced in college towns. It is important for bands to be aware of curfews to plan sets accordingly.

capacity- the fire marshall’s number of how many people a venue can hold. It’s important to ask the capacity of a venue if you are getting paid by the door. If capacity is 300 and you’re being paid via a door deal, it’s important to know this number. It’s also important to know if you are required to bring PA.


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