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July 9, 2009 / alunatunes

D-deposit, details, discrepancy,dressing room,driver



deposit- a percentage of the amount guaranteed. A deposit holds the date for the buyer and is insurance against cancellations.  Deposit amounts vary. If a buyer cancels a show and has sent a deposit, the deposit is non refundable.

details- no detail is too small. Knowing the details of a performance sets the amateurs apart from the pros.

discrepancy- a disagreement. In the way of things, discrepancies will happen. Whether it is money, riders, hospitality or agreed upon accommodations, discrepancies are simply a way of life on the road. How you handle a discrepancy says much about your professionalism and mode of business behavior.  Remember to get ALL DETAILS about a performance – this usually helps minimize discrepancies.

dressing room- this is the place on site or at a venue that is set aside for the band to hang out, get dressed, change strings, eat, etc. A dressing room is everything from a sanctuary with a flat screen tv and shower to an unused closet  or someone’s office space. Dressing rooms can be RVs at festivals and have time limits on when bands can be in them. It’s wise to ask if a dressing room is provided to bands upon advance of your show.

driver- always designate one. ALWAYS.


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