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July 10, 2009 / alunatunes

E-earnings, expenses, endorsement, efficiency


earnings- income derived from live performance or licensing, cd sales or merchandise sales. Money generated by the band.

expenses-income subtracted from earnings. Examples of band expenses: gas, lodging, van payments, rehearsal space payments, equipment, salaries, business expenses, posters, commissions, insurance, food, airfare, sticks, strings, heads, the list goes on and on.

endorsement- this can help in both categories above. Businesses endorse artists to raise their own visibility. Bands are traveling billboards for all sorts of brands.  Some bands are endorsed by stick manufacturers, string companies or guitar brands. Bands may seek beer or liquor endorsements as well as equipment endorsements.  Endorsements can help secure extra income and offset expenses.

efficiency- bands should run like well oiled machines. Specific job descriptions should be given to each member to make everything run smoothly. The road is not an easy place. Efficiency, timing and planning are crucial to a traveling ensemble.

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