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July 11, 2009 / alunatunes

F-follow up, flyers, festival, fans-friends-family


Follow up- perhaps the most important f word you’ll ever learn is follow up. It simply means follow up by calling, emailing, sending a post card to, texting eact contact you make or are trying to make. In music world, often what lies between wanting a gig and getting one is follow up. Follow up does not mean “hassle” or call a hundred times. It means meaningfully engaging a buyer, reporter or writer about your band. Being politely persistant pays off. Schedule a certain time to make phone calls to avoid distractions and follow up every contact.

flyers- an old fashioned but still effective way to advertise shows. Flyers and posters are still displayed at clubs and venues. Actual honest to goodness flyers are a great way to spread the word about your band. I know we’re going to have a save a tree discussion in the responses to this post.

festival- an event which hosts bands and fans. Festivals are high exposure (a lot of people usually attend) opportunities to spread your music. Be sure when playing at a festival you use a banner behind your band to promote your brand and be sure you get in touch with the festival about selling merchandise. Many festivals have a central location and are happy to provide this service for you.

Fans- people you don’t know who come out to hear you play then become your friends

Friends-  are overjoyed at your success and love you and respect what you do and will help spread the word about your band to potential fans, who them become friends

Family- the bedrock of any musical endeavor is the love and support of family. Be sure you thank your family for the sacrifices they may make on your behalf as you live your dream.


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