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July 25, 2009 / alunatunes

The ABC’s of Rock-merchandise, mailing list, mix, meal voucher, manager


merchandise- items for sale at shows and events. Includes cds, dvds, tee shirts, coozies, posters, photographs, caps, glasses, etc. Be sure at some point in the evening, band members are behind the merchandise table to sign items.

mailing list- an essential part of a touring bands ability to re-connect with fans. Try to pass the mailing list around early in the evening because by the end of the night the results are drunken scrawls. To make this rote implement of communication a little more interesting, raffle off a tee shirt or cd to signees at the end of the show.

mix- the sound engineer mixes your band. What he or she puts through the speakers is HOW YOUR BAND SOUNDS. For goodness sake, be kind to this person. The whole show is definately in their hands.

meal voucher- one of the biggest tour expenses and one that isn’t receptive to being nixed entirely when economics are an issue, is food. Be sure to ask about meal vouchers, especially at festivals. Generally, festivals supply artists with a laminate for caterings and punch the laminate at meal times when you show up. Take advantage of this and watch your food expense shrink.

manager- the person who manages. This can be a tour manager, a personal manager, a band manager, a stage manager, bar manager, food and beverage manager, music manager, etc.


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