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July 26, 2009 / alunatunes

The ABC’s of Rock- net, negotiable, networking, nobility

Sol Driven Train

net-the amount after expenses. Your net guarantee would be the gross gate (tickets/admissions) minus the club’s expenses. BE WATCHFUL of the venue’s expenses and be sure you understand the money they are subtracting from your pay. If they’re charging $50 for a door guy, perhaps there’s room to negotiate providing your own door person.

negotiable- most everything is negotiable. Learn to haggle a bit and you’ll be surprised at what good things can come your way. Asking nicely and with politeness will often lead to extra little perks at a venue.

networking- networking with fans is NOT sitting in your van at set break. Networking is being accessible during set breaks to chat and sign autographs and generally get to know the people who are supporting you by coming out to see you play. This doesn’t mean you can’t get away for a few minutes to eat and change strings, but bands who make a habit of sitting in the van at set break NEVER get to know fans. Be sure to network.

nobility- after you’ve been riding in a van with 5 other people for 400 miles to get to a venue to play for 25 people for $200, it’s easy to not feel very noble. Adopt a noble mentality and realize YOU are chosen to do what you do, that music is a fair and glorious gift of spirit and as a musician it is your main duty to spread love and joy to those 25 people who did show up to see you play. Nobility of soul is supremely important as you navigate the world of rock.


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