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July 30, 2009 / alunatunes

The ABC’s of Rock-publicity, public relations, parking, PA, production trailer

clee and sheridan outside

publicity- “Publicity is the act of getting ink. Publicity is getting unpaid media to pay attention, write you up, point to you, run a picture, make a commotion. Sometimes publicity is helpful, and good publicity is always good for your ego. But it is not PR…

Public relations- PR is the strategic crafting of your story. It’s the focused examination of your interactions and tactics and products and pricing that, when combined, determine what and how people talk about you.”- Seth Godin (

parking- it’s wise to advance parking details with venues. Sometimes parking is in a private lot, sometimes it’s on the street and sometimes a parking garage. It’s important to know all about where you can park and where you cannot, when playing festivals and large events. Nothing like getting the van towed to put a kink in touring.

PA- public address- this is the system you plug in to. It can be a PA with speakers on a stick, a full 24 or more channel console-mixer, or a house system. Know what sort of sound system you’ll be dealing with at the outset of any show. You may need to supplement systems with your own equipment

production trailer/office- at large events and festivals, there is always a production trailer housing essential personnel. It’s wise to know where the production trailer is located as that is where you will be paid for your performance. When your set ends at 2:00am and you have to load in 100 miles away for the next show, you don’t want to waste time walking around a multi-acre festival site trying to locate the production office/trailer, in the dark , at the mercy of directions from people who may or may not be entirely “there”.


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