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July 31, 2009 / alunatunes

The ABC’s of Rock (P- continued) poster, per diem, photo, press release

poster- whether you have a fancy full color affair like the one above, or a simple flyer, a poster on the walls of a venue is important. Often it is the only way people find out about upcoming shows. If you don’t send posters and a copy of your cd to venues where you’re scheduled to play, it’s like saying you really don’t care. I know the digital age of posters is here, but the tangible ones are just as important.

per diem- the amount of cash given to band members for travel expenses per day. This can vary from $5 – $100 depending on what sort of tour you are on.

photo- be sure it is clear, has a white or light background, is 300 dpi high res jpeg. That is what most publications require

press release- should be sent for all shows. If you don’t have an email press release to send to media, consider having someone write a generic release for you. All you have to do is change the date and venue info and send to media. Understand venues WILL provide you with a media list of local contacts and it is highly advantageous to send a release and follow up


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