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August 12, 2009 / alunatunes

The ABCs of Rock-show trade, stage, set length, support, sound


show trade- let’s say your band has a great hometown crowd in Charleston but when you go to Asheville, you can’t draw flys. Let’s say band two has a great Asheville crowd but doesn’t do well in Charleston. The two bands get together and do a “show trade” where one opens for the other in front of their respective hometown crowds, expanding the fan base of each. Sometimes a show trade is also referred to as a market trade.

stage-sometimes it’s the corner of a room, sometimes it is a deck or other outdoor place. It can be the back of a flatbed truck.  It can be elevated or not. It can be big, small, fancy or simple. It is the stage.  It is your place to business.

set length- the amount of time you are expected to perform. A standard set can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Be sure when you are contracting and advancing shows you understand what the establishment expects as far as sets and set lengths.

support- the opening act.

sound- when sound is provided, you can expect a PA and tech at the venue or event. If sound is NOT provided, it’s a situation where you must provide your own PA.


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