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September 25, 2009 / alunatunes

Another Nightmare Gig from Hell is looking for submissions…




NightmareCover“…my all time favorite… driving to Hilton Head and suddenly noticing that there were a line of cars about 500 feet behind us and nobody would come near us, then finding out the axle had almost broken on the trailer and was grinding against the side of the trailer, so the trailer was on fire (we had no idea)… pulling off the road, putting the fire out, unhooking the trailer, driving 45 minutes to get a UHaul, going back to the trailer and unloading it into the UHaul, abandoning the trailer, play the weekend gigs, driving home with the UHaul, then getting a tow truck to meet us back where we left the trailer to bring it home, having to pay for the UHaul, the tow truck, and the repairs on the trailer which meant we didn’t make any money that weekend…yikes…”- Chris Duvall/Flat Front Tire
Do you have a nightmare gig tale?
Musician and author Nick Zelinger and co-writer Tammy Brackett (Moonstruck Promotions) are pleased to announce the commencement of the collection of tales of horror and woe for 2011’s publication, Another Nighmare Gig From Hell. We’re in the process of accepting submissions from bands, solo artists, managers, tour managers, sound and lighting technicians, roadies, drivers, booking agents,venue owners and publicists. If you’ve been in the music business for more than twenty four hours, it is virtually guaranteed YOU will have a Nightmare story to contribute!
Regale us with your terror, shock us with your sagas, torment us with your calamities, snafus and ordeals on the road, in the studio or on stage.
We promise not to laugh (maybe….)

all for one-one for all,
(advice, information and inspiration for musicians)
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Fifty Rules of Rock
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  1. Melanie Mulhall / Oct 6 2009 8:38 pm


    Knowing both you and Nick, this should be one helluva book! . . . and you’ll need a professional editor.


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