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November 8, 2009 / alunatunes

Your attention to what others are choosing



BELMEADThere’s been a bump in the road.  A snafu involving the loved one of one that is  loved. This is a life changing circumstance and portends an irreversible chain of events that will ever alter this person’s life as well as the life of my dear one, who truly does not deserve another heartache from this sector. There is nothing at all to be done, except to pray, and I make that statement as if prayer is a pitiful and small thing, when in fact, it has the power to, if not change these occurences, make them understandable, bearable, tolerable in a strange sort of way. Sometimes prayer is the only thing we have.

I’m reminded of the teachings of  Esther Hicks and Abraham concerning ones own personal point of attraction, and how we have to remain independent of the decisions of others.

“You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow the world-as others choose it to be-to exist also. And while their choices in no way hinder your own choice, your attention to what they are choosing does affect your vibration and therefore your own point of attraction.”

Families, whether biological or the more common crazy-quilt collections of personalities that become like families, have an attraction all their own-whether it’s of a black hole ilk or a happy, well-adjusted variety. A family has a basic  intrepid quality of  striving to understand the parcels of personality compiling it despite a basic misunderstanding of each other as humans. Estrangement, legalities, heartbreak and knock down drag out fist fights can occur within the dynamic. But allow an outsider to have an attitude or opinion about the whole thing, and immediately, family units  circle the wagons and start firing in the direction of the enemy.  Your point of attraction, your sought after sweet harmonious vibration, is genetically linked to those cowboys perched on the buckboard, firing away.

How do we rise above? How do we hang on to our own light, our own hard-won point of attraction and alignment within the landscape of a world falling apart like a cookie dipped in too much milk? You can’t save it. It’s going to crumble faster than you can manage to take advantage of its sweetness.

For my part, I will sincerely pray for those I love, but I am determined to stay above the fray.  And in that task, I’ll remember myself in my prayers. And at the edge of the abyss, trailing along after loved ones, I’ll fight to remain on solid ground to help them, to understand and to be the steady beat of a family’s heart.



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