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November 12, 2009 / alunatunes

The Monkey Mind

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“…many of the questions we carry around with us have less to do with genuine issues, and more to do with the monkey mind itself. A trickling flow of hysteria pervades our day-to-day mental functioning, constantly influencing our thoughts and emotions. This subtle hysteria is our biggest problem, because it’s the root of all others. When our minds are aligned with God’s love and peace, two things are true. First, we don’t create as many problems in our lives. And second, we have the spiritual strength to handle them powerfully and positively when we do.”- Marianne Williamson/ Everyday Grace

Worry, stress, anxiety, tension. It seems as if these four march into our everyday lives first thing in the morning, invading our good intentions to be and do better. Then they won’t leave. They hang about, breathing down ones neck, constantly reminding us of imminent failure and everything we cannot accomplish. The quadruplets scream and yell and simply won’t quieten enough to allow us to be peaceful, happy and productive.

And it’s all our fault. We allow our thoughts to swing from branch to branch, screeching and flipping and tossing and fighting. If you’ve watched monkeys in a zoo or on tv, you know what unleashed, wild, hysteria looks like. And what an apt analogy of our synapses and emotions during our daily rounds.

How do we find peace in a world that is constantly not peaceful? Most of us don’t live as monks and hermits and have to mix with the world and its inhabitants. We can’t sit idly by and not speak up in a business meeting or a phone conference or in the studio or as we’re taking care of our music careers.

Quiet can only be found in the deep recesses of the heart. Quiet is an aspiration. It may not come all at once in chunks of hours spent meditating, but perhaps if we consciously string together small moments, maybe quiet will be a place we can go to often and without much effort.

Consciously watch your fingers on the frets or keys for 2 minutes. Conciously listen to a bird song or watch a squirrel play in the yard. Watch a drop of rain make its way down a window pane. Patch together small squares of silence and create a quilt of solace and quiet in your life.



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