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November 28, 2009 / alunatunes

November 28- The Unseen World

In these modern times we put too much emphasis on material things and on money. We believe that money is power. If we have money, people will respect us. If we have money, people will admire us. If we have money, we can have anything we want. Maybe we can purchase anything in the material world, but we cannot purchase anything in the Unseen World. The Unseen World is not for sale. It can only be given away. Love, affection, admiration, trust, respect, commitment — these must be earned or given away. If we use these things from the Unseen World, we are using real power. – Manga Coloradas- Apache

The concept of money seems to be front and center in the world, especially here in the US where the very recent past promoted a mindset of spending beyond our means. This spending and the banking and lending systems promotion of it, has lead to a downfall in the economy that has had global impact.

In this season of spending, it’s a good time to reflect on the issue of money in your life. Musicians are often stymied in the attempt to parlay their awesome talent into a proper monetary living. Guarantees for gigs are eroded by travel, hotel and food expenses, equipment upkeep and transportation costs. We sacrifice much to bring our gifts outside our home bases. We spend time and effort and energy in the studio, and may find ourselves away from home and loved ones for days. And at the end of the run, we’re given an envelope containing our monetary equivalent to the life energy we just spent. And often, the energy spent doesn’t quite seem to equal the dollars.

While we ply a music living in the terrestrial world, there is another world to be cognisant of, an unseen world where honor, trust, loyalty, talent and love abound. We cannot purchase these intangible but necessary elements of life. Each musician, each artist has to feel appreciated, loved, admired and respected and encouraged to bring forth the talent and gifts spirit has bestwed upon her. Money paid for services rendered often doesn’t equal the sweat, effort and sacrifice musicians must make.

Today, as a musician or a fan, dote on those who reciprocate our love of music and our gifts. Tell a fan how much you appreciate them being at shows. Tell your bass player you admire him for helping book your project. Shower your audiences, friends and support personal with the love and affection they show you each time they attend a show, buy a tee shirt or purchase a download.  Respect your talent, drive and ambition away from the measure of money.  Value the assets of the unseen world.

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