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January 14, 2010 / alunatunes

Moonstruck launches new Social Media packages!


What is social media? It’s an electronic way to meet and connect with people, customers, companies, clubs and organizations. By utilizing SM sites like twitter and facebook, the world is literally at ones fingertips.  As with most leading technology, social media has become automated and often impersonal. Moonstruck offers a new approach to the rapidly growing world of social media and connection.  Combining clever, well written press pieces with individualized social media marketing, Moonstruck offers small businesses the opportunity to connect, grow and develop. Whether you’re a small business, a band, an artist or group of like-minded individuals, Moonstruck’s personal attention and touch can give you effective tools to help create buzz, awareness, visibility and viability in markets that matter.

New Moon SM Package includes three paragraph personalized press release formatted as a document as well as a blog post  for your facebook. myspace or twitter site.   $75.00

Harvest Moon SM Package includes a three paragraph press release/blog post as well as a creatively crafted elevator pitch. Ever been tongue-tied when asked about your music or art? A creative elevator pitch is a 30 second description of what you do and how you do it.   $100.00

Blue Moon SM Package includes a three paragraph press release, an elevator pitch and 2 personalized posts per day at your twitter, facebook and myspace sites five days a week. $200.00 per month minimum of 3 months

Moonstruck can create custom SM packages for your organization. For other public relations or publicity options, visit


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