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January 30, 2010 / alunatunes

January 29, 2010-Back by Popular Demand! DREAM GIRL!


She’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of days now, with my red wish box (red is a power color and I put wishes on strips of paper inside the box) a big belly buddha and my crescent moon oil burner (which is out of oil and now is the repository for magic stones). She seems to fit right in, cozied on the prosperity corner of my desk, propped daintily on a cloth of red velvet.  She is Dream Girl and she is visible and practical, in a sweet blue fairy outfit, her flowing  hair held up with a butterfly clamp, barefoot , with outstretched arms that end in upturned  hands. She appears  ready to fly, feet in a permanent point, flexed and ready to dance. She sports a nice pair of fairy wings on her back and startling blue eyes with, yes, I think I see it, the definite spark of a sprite.

Dream Girl started life as a gift from my dear friend Tina. She came with a card created by my friend and until now, she had gussied up my dragon lair downstairs, sitting complacently on a black shelf close to the piano. She had company. My baccarat glass crescent moon and another pewter fairy figure kept her company while she was waiting on me to rediscover her.  On a recent dusting spree,I nonchalantly picked her up to clean the shelf and viola. I knew I had my Dream Girl.

As my work life shifts, many things lie outside the realm of my financial where withal.  Groceries and bills take top priority and unnecessary items (which is anything other than groceries and bills at this point) are noted on a list I’ve titled “I’d like to have this but it is totally ok if I don’t” or (another favorite) “If God can figure out how to bless me with this, I’d really appreciate it.” Finding a Dream Girl was on the latter list.

Dream Girl came into existence exactly the way she was  intended . I’m into re-purposing things, so her entrance into my life as one thing to end up as another, fits my mode of thinking perfectly. The Universe unfolds exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Dream Girl’s skimpy attire has to be adjusted for we are expecting 14 inches of snow tonight and, having imbued her with human traits and feelings, I must busy myself fashioning a coat and hat  to keep her warm. I bet she’d like some shoes on those perpetually pointed toes and maybe a nice place to sleep. After all, she is the personification of so much of me. I’d like to make her comfortable, cozy and warm on a winter’s night.

Looking at Dream Girl makes me smile. It always did. My friend Tina has always charmed me with little gifts. She has always believed in me to a degree that sometimes has left me scurrying to keep up with her good opinion. 

Tina has always believed I can be more, do more, and should be seeking my bliss. And now that I have time to make it happen, and Dream Girl to guide me,  I feel confident that I can perhaps live up to my sweet friend’s high expectations.


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