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January 30, 2010 / alunatunes

Meet Michael Kenney at The Playroom Academy!


Guitarist, Michael Kenney began his musical studies at age 8 with the violin followed by piano studies in his early teens. At 16 he received his first guitar as a Christmas present and settled on it as his primary instrument. Influenced at first by classic and hard rock Michael’s studies veered towards classical music. He went on to major in guitar performance at the University of Memphis. Michael was awarded a performance scholarship in 1985 and graduated in 1988 cum laude. That same year he was invited to join the teaching staff at the Howard Vance Guitar Academy. Michael enjoyed a 3 year tenure at the academy teaching both class and private guitar lessons.In 1990 Michael placed first in the Beethoven Young Artists Competition, an annual tri state event held in Memphis. Michael had placed second the previous year. Through years of teaching he has developed facility teaching a variety of styles from Bach to Rock and most points in between.
Since settling in the Carolinas in 1992, Michael has continued to teach and perform throughout North and South Carolina. Presently, he is the on call guitarist for two local country clubs.Michael, his wife and three kids currently reside in Fort Mill, SC.

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