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February 1, 2010 / alunatunes

The Playroom Academy thinks TOTS ROCK! Unveils new programs for parents and toddlers

For Immediate Release
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The Playroom Academy in Baxter Village offers Tots Rock! Music fun for toddlers and parents
The innovative spirit continues to grow at The Playroom Academy in Baxter Village SC with the introduction of Tots Rock!, a program aimed specifically for toddlers age two to four, and their parents.
“Tots Rock! is a lot more Yellow Submarine than Raffie; more Rolling Stones than Wiggles and more Taylor Swift than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” explains Playroom’s founder, Eddie Z. “It’s a current way to musically engage young kids and their parents. Kids are aware of technology like Guitar Hero and understand IPODs. We’re bring a totally modern curve to the standard way kids learn about music.”
Parents will play an integral role in Tots Rock! as Eddie Z develops the program. “We’re so interested to hear suggestions about the curriculum. This is an innovative, progressive and flexible program and we anticipate parents will have brilliant ideas to give children a unique understanding of music as a part of life.”
The Playroom Academy plans to kick off Tots Rock! at the beginning of March. Forty-five minute classes are held twice a week for twelve weeks and are $240.00.Alternately, one a week classes are available for $120.00. For more information and to register, call The Playroom Academy at 803-802-NOTE.

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