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February 6, 2010 / alunatunes

How to Tour 101 : Getting there

Touring has its moments. Being on stage rocks. Making new fans in new markets is cool. Traveling and seeing the nation or world while playing music is a sublime experience.

But GETTING there? That is a real test of a band’s fortitude.

We’re lucky to live in the era of GPS navigation. Whether you use Neverlost, Garman or one of the other types of direction systems, they are truly a god send and quite indispensable.  But don’t forget, navigation systems sometimes fail, particularly in overcast or stormy weather when you need them most.

Always mapquest or otherwise get directions and WRITE THEM DOWN to the venue. Make sure you have directions from the venue to your hotel. As you’re advancing shows, ask about street closures or construction, bridges, tolls, etc you need to be aware of. Be sure your advance sheet notes the PHYSICAL ADDRESS of the venue and not the business address or talent buyers home address. Remember, buyers often have posters and promo material sent to their home and their home address may be on your contract. Be sure you go over the PERFORMANCE ADDRESS as part of your advance conversation.

It’s a great idea to note landmarks on the directions sheet. It’s also nice to know about parking (is it in a secure lot, on the street, in an alley?) and load in parameters (upstairs, downstairs, indoors, outdoors, is there a freight elevator?) . The more questions you can ask and get answered, the better off you are when it’s time to get in the van!


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