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February 9, 2010 / alunatunes

How to Tour 101- Weekend Warriors

A group like Lefty Williams Band  has the great luxury of being able to tour optimum nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Lefty Williams Band does it so well, the band is in demand on weekend nights.

This is not a scenario that plays out with many original bands in the beginning. Coveted Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shows are generally reserved for bands that draw big numbers since those are the nights most people find themselves off work and out and about.

Bands generally work up to weekend spots by playing weeknight shows. Weeknight shows are often the only way to “audition” and allow the bar, staff and patrons to see the group.Weeknight shows are usually paired with drink specials or food enticements.  Eventually,after a few weeknight auditions,  a group is deemed worthy of a precious Friday or Saturday night show.

How do we get around this dynamic? Consider booking shows OPENING for bands in a steady Friday and Saturday night rotation. Realize this is won’t be financially rewarding but it will get you from the weeknight audition routine into the possibilities of weekend shows much faster.

Sometimes you simply have to be a Weekend Warrior and tackle opening shows with a headlining mentality.


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