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February 10, 2010 / alunatunes

The ABC’s of Rock- guarantee, gigs, gross, grumble, greatness

guarantee- the amount of money paid for a performance. This amount may be a flat fee, a door deal or based on a guarantee plus a percentage of ticket sales.

gigs- any opportunity to play. Sometimes they pay and sometimes you pay to play them (NYC and LA) and sometimes you play only for prestige.

gross- the total amount of ticket sales before deductions for sound, door person, and other expenses incurred by the venue

grumble- you become what you speak of. Therefore if you grumble and complain constantly while on tour or rehearsing or recording, guess what? Nothing will go properly. Grumbling doesn’t have a place in road life.

greatness- those who achieve greatness aspire to be great in every facet of life, on the road and off.

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