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February 23, 2010 / alunatunes

Innovative music teaching technology: The Playroom Method explained


  The Playroom Method is a patented-applied-for system that allows students to have access to the information from their lessons at their disposal. The student will receive a login identification and a pass code they will use to access an entire video playback of their lesson. This feature will enable the student to observe the information given by the teacher and recall what they learned. They can play the video as often as they desire and even view prior lessons to gauge their progress over time.

The Playroom Method addresses three different challenges that parents and students face with traditional private lessons. The first challenge is the issue of retention. Our research shows that only 30% of the material covered in a lesson is remembered. Our-patented-applied-for teaching system allows students to review their entire lesson at any time. None of the instructional material is ever lost or forgotten. For parents, this approach is a priceless investment.

The next issue addressed by the Playroom Method is practice motivation. This generation of children and youth love to spend most of their time using technology. Upon enrollment in The Playroom Academy of Music, students will be given a login name and password. The login name and password will provide students access to a gateway in order to view their personal lesson on any computer screen. Using this instrument-computer interface, students are equipped with the tools and techniques required to make the most of their individual practice time. Parents can encourage their child(ren’s) practice habits between lessons, having an awareness of teacher goals and expectations.

The third challenge is focused around commitment. We hope that our state-of-the-art approach to music education will encourage the tendency of some students desire to pursue music long-term. Our goal is to empower students with the foundations necessary for music performance and appreciation for many years to come. With the excitement of the computer usage and the ability to review their lesson, it is our hope that students will see the long range benefits of studying and performing music that will enable them to be well-rounded citizens. The Playroom Academy will also provide additional incentives in order to further increase student success. With this system we aim to bring the ability of learning to its full potential, making music education a priority in the lives of the families we serve.



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