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March 6, 2010 / alunatunes

Why go to shows?

We’re an over-stimulated culture. We expect entertainment on our telephones, in our vehicles, on wide screen surround sound projector televisions in our homes and on our computers as we work.

We thrive on call-in interactive television. More people vote in the American Idol competition than in presidential elections. News shows routinely encourage audiences to phone in or text questions or comments. Our opinon matters, our voices are heard, our texts are read.

The decline of  cd sales are most likely due to the flatness of the medium. Cds are not interactive experiences.

We expect 3-D interactive entertainment value in every facet of our lives. Even religion and news are judged on entertainment value. Churches routinely install state of the art video and audio equipment as well as hire techs for Sunday services and special presentations, attracting those looking for a little religion with their entertainment. Tragedy is news, spawning a new term by Jeff Mosier called “tragitainment” brought to us by drop dead gorgeous people who look like models.

How does your group or how do you personally compete with this in our music market? Is your visual show interesting? Do you have lights or a light tech. Is your sound man competent. Are you, night after night, putting a flat presentation on the stage and wondering why no one is attending your shows? Where ARE the music lovers?

Generally people are not interested in your musical prowess. They have no idea about the years you spent learning to be proficient on your instrument, the sacrifices you go through to get music to the people, the van breaking down, your singer’s drug problem or the fact that the love of music and playing it has landed you in a cave of debt under a mountain of self-doubt.

People who love music are watching a copy of The Last Waltz on surround sound dvd (which was delivered right to their door by Netflix) on their new projector tv in the comfort of their own home, dressed in PJs, drinking a bottle of wine with no thoughts of DWIs, hangovers, breathing clouds of cigarette smoke, fighting the crowd to get a drink that has been tripled in price from its retail value at the club bar (and you’re expected to tip the bartender), frat boys hitting on their girlfriend, someone throwing up or spilling beer in their shoe, standing in line 15 minutes to use a filthy restroom, or having their ear drums burst by a too loud soundsystem. Think about it. Be honest. Would you rather be experiencing music in a club or at home?

Why go to shows? Better give people something to talk about at your performances.


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