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March 8, 2010 / alunatunes

50 Easy ways to tour

“The booklet “50 Ways To Tour Without Getting In The Van” is such a boon to musicians who are enthusiastic to promote their band but unsure of all the best avenues in the new media economy. Where I often suggest to bands who play on my radio show to
“keep up with the modern times” on social websites, now I’m going to recommend the booklet 50 Ways To Tour Without Getting In The Van. This booklet explains how to do it from every angle, and why. The benefits to bands are clear. This book  is not magic recipes or big secrets, but it is real-world suggestions that make sense. It’s organized clearly so you can make your own band-strategy and check-off which of the 50 points you want to try. Tammy has actually done all these things, so the book is street-smart. Choose just 10 of the points in this book and you can go On Tour, gain fans and get your art out to  the public without burning any gasoline money. Tammy is a music fan, so this booklet conveys enthusiasm and excitement. Reading the 50 Ways, I was excited to try so many ideas.Thanks Tammy!!” -Daniel Gold, Honest Tunes Radio Show, KXUA Fayetteville AR

Author of

Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van

Fifty Rules of Rock

Backstage Pass: Organize Your Band

Backstage Pass: Book Your Band

New in 2010: Rock Words- A Websters for Rockers


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  1. Lefty Williams / Mar 10 2010 2:50 am

    Tammy’s book are all fantastic resources for any serious musician. These books are well-thought-out, easy to ready, and full of generally great ideas. I have all of Tammy’s book and regularly employ her ideas and methods.

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