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April 14, 2010 / alunatunes

Helping Musicians is Music Nomad’s Mission

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Helping Musicians is Music Nomad’s Mission
It’s easy for a musician to feel a bit off kilter in the new world of music marketing.  What was once a straight and well defined route to possible music success is now an often confusing intersection of strange new roads and ideas. What is a music blog? What is social media? How do I find places to play? What’s the best way to produce, sell and distribute my music in today’s market?
Rand Rognlien, creator of , seeks to provide musicians with a comprehensive, easy to navigate free website, literally brimming with answers to every question a musician could ask. What you won’t find at Music Nomad is a plethora of meaningless ads or snake-oil salesmen lurking in the corner ready to take your cash and send you home with a “guaranteed” music success strategy.
What musicians do find is a site ready and eager to serve the music community with current information, contacts and resources. Rognlien refers to himself not as CEO but CMA, Chief Musician’s Advocate. As a former musician and successful business entrepreneur, Rognlien’s approach to helping musicians is to filter through the myriad of music business sites and bring only the best to users.
“We try to make sense of the vast and fragmented music industry through researching, interviewing, and reviewing the thousands of companies in the business. We rank the results, directly linking the best to our site.” says Rognlien. “We even check each resource monthly so there are no broken links on our site. You won’t find a dead end when looking for information at”
One warning: don’t got to Music Nomad and expect a brief visit. The site is so wonderfully full of enticing information, from where to purchase merchandise to a list of venues by city, you’ll want to stay for awhile.
“Music Nomad is brand new. I’m not stuck in old business models and proliferating old ideas.” explains Rognlien.”And having been out of music for awhile,I’m not jaded by what has happened in the business in the past few years.”
Music Nomad helps musicians recognize and foster creative music business freedom and success, without labels, lawyers or legal wranglings.
“Musicians can control their careers with education and knowledge.” states Rognlien enthusiastically, “Music Nomad believes in the undeniable power of the independent artist as the new music business model for a new music business world.”

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