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April 14, 2010 / alunatunes

Music Nomad’s Rand Rognlien helps musicians become entrepreneurs

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Music Nomad’s Rand Rognlien helps musicians become entrepreneurs
“Most musicians don’t have a head for business. This statement comes from experience.” laughs Rand Rognlien from his home office in Sonoma CA. “I played in bands from the time I was 15 until I was 25. Then I had to get a ‘real job’!”
Rognlien’s foray into real job land was successful and lucrative. He created a company that made car cleaning products, sold it for a nice profit and even got his MBA along the way.
“Then there was the ‘what now’ question.” Rognlien reflects. “My passion is to help people at a philanthropic level. My love is independent music and the people who make it. Music Nomad is a combination of business savvy and my passion to help. It was such an important avenue for me. Why not help others grow, shine and succeed?”
Music Nomad is so new it’s just beginning to blip on the radars of musicians and those in the music business. Rognlien’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident as his site develops into a virtual marketplace of information and relevant resources designed to help musicians.
“Artists who learn the business will be the ones who survive and thrive.” he states emphatically. “Getting down to business is critical if a band intends to move beyond the party paradigm. Well-planned, well-executed touring is more important than ever. Music Nomad provides comprehensive resources that educate and inform, from tee shirts and merchandise to selecting a publicist, it’s at Music Nomad.”
“It’s my intention to place my template of success over Music Nomad and teach musicians how to take control of tools, resources and services to further their independent careers. Rognlien continues.”We like to say Music Nomad is Where Musicians Go to Find a Home. In the next few weeks we’ll be launching services and products to help fund research for the site and keep our musicians’ home doors open and of service.”
Rognlien created and chaperoned a successful business. But instead of resting on his laurels, he’s chosen to step into the wild frontier of the modern music business, helping musicians learn, grow and shine with Music Nomad. 


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