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April 26, 2010 / alunatunes

April 26, 2010- The Anti-Multi-Tasker

“Don’t multitask. Dividing your attetion leads to confusion and weakened focus.”- Deepak Chopra, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

For a long time, I considered multitasking the ultimate way to increase revenue, productivity and use time wisely. Nevermind that this approach  left me drained and nearly brain dead. Obviously, how I felt really mattered not at all, just as long as I could get EVERYTHING done within my self imposed deadlines. More about self imposed deadlines on another day….

I was accomplishing a lot, of that there was no doubt. I was booking, promoting, working radio plans, distributing cds (I wonder how much of my life has been spent at the post office) counseling clients and managing a house (I’m a clean freak). But I was literally exhausted all of the time. There was not a peaceful night’s sleep as I mulled dead dates in the middle of tour calendars or worried over money. Because, despite my workaholic life, funds were still an issue.

March 2009 brought a revalation. I was reading Melanie Mulhall’s book Living the Dream: A Guidebook for Job Seekers and Career Explorers. Melanie presents a series of questionnaires throughout the book, pressing one to really get to the crux of the career and direction matter. One question stood out as if it were written in big read flashing neon letters.

“What is the one thing in your job that you do now that you wish to never do again?”

I closed the book. I didn’t even have to think. Booking. It was the facet of my work I found tedious, irritating and dreadful. It was a soul sucker, a non money maker when compared to the hours it took and it left me discouraged at the end of every day I spent doing it.

I called the two clients I booked and explained that I would not be booking fall tours. They were shocked, not happy. But when I explained the hours it was taking to land gigs compared to the money I was making, they surprisingly understood.

It was liberating to take booking out of the multitasking day. My life instantly became simpler, and I looked for other energy and time suckers that were not resulting in income. It’s April 2010 and I’m still simplifying. 

What’s the one thing you could subtract from your multitasking life? I’d love to hear about it.



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  1. Melanie Mulhall / Apr 26 2010 1:01 pm


    It always does my heart good to hear that something in my book struck a chord with a reader. Thanks for blogging about it.

    Now . . . what in my current work would I just as soon never have to do again? (Hey, I wrote the book, but I also practice what I preach.) It might be marketing myself. I can market just about anyone else, but marketing myself is not my idea of a good time. Thankfully, much of my work comes through referrals. But as I write a new book (a book on shamanic writing practices), I know I need to get out there with the concepts. That means speaking and while I love to do speaking gigs, I don’t enjoy finding them.

    Hmm. I think I’m talking booking. That means, you and I are tracking my friend.

    Melanie Mulhall

    • alunatunes / Apr 26 2010 2:30 pm

      Now Melanie do I have to resend you the I, Me, Mine post you inspired??
      Ah booking. Yes. It is not fun. Not even if you’re doing it for others and especially not doing it for oneself.
      But it must be done.
      Think of yourself as a client and shove your template of success over your own ideas, new books, dreams and images. Speak of yourself in the third person. While this seems insane, it actually helps me with the I, Me, Mine dilemma.
      Mucho love and light and BIG HUGS to you!

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