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June 2, 2010 / alunatunes


“Not one moment before its appointed time will it come. All your crying and pleading and holding out of hands will make no difference. Therefore, do not go down that path at all. ” Renee Marie Rilke

I spoke recently with a dear friend, a talented guy who has built a remarkable business in addition to feeding his creativity as a singer and songwriter. “I’m digging out of last year!” he chuckled over the phone.  His brightness of spirit helped me remember why I’m here, what I do and how I feel about helping deserving others.  It was a much needed balm for someone who has recently felt invisible.

My search for income has been quiet and contemplative, resulting in very little but the little it has turned over has been business of the most precious kind. My recent work and those I’m working for actually have soul and depth and their art resonates and aligns with important aspects of my own inner compass. I still feel a little gossamer but am shimmering into visibility again after a long six months of having my psyche scattered in the ether.

 It helps to know there are others close to my age who have recently become underemployed and are on the hunt for ways to survive over the next decade or so until “retirement” , whatever that is anymore. We’ve become warriors within this new dynamic of work and income. I became a bit obsessed with retirement upon my 50th birthday. This year as I approach 52, I’m not so worried. I’ll never retire. I’ll always be visible in this business where I’ve chosen to make a daily appearance for over 40 years.

No amount of my reaching, crying and holding out of hands will make any difference. What I’m experiencing is a valuable package to add to my backpack of life knowledge. And I’ll traverse down a different path than desperation. For all of us, there is a passion and energy that beckons us rise in the morning and face the day, no matter what it may hold.

“We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.” – of that there is no doubt.


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