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June 7, 2010 / alunatunes

Do you Validate?

validate- to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval to, as elected officials, election procedures, documents, etc.

Go downtown for a meeting or appointment and choose a parking garage. Get your ticket, go to your appointment and at the reception desk show your ticket and ask if they validate and pay for parking.

Validation is a process of approval, confirmation, substantiation. In this case, of parking.

The post that gets the most attention here is one titled How to Tell Someone They’re Doing a Good Job. It’s Rule 30 from Fifty Rules of Rock. It was intended for bands who are on the road. It reads:

Tell someone in your circle or a total stranger they’re doing a good job. Whether it’s the kid at the food mart who always bags your food properly, your boyfriend who encourages your new endeavors, your agent who is busting her tail, or your publicist who pulls media miracles out of thin air. The words THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT SO WELL mean a lot. Use them often.

 Morale takes a beating when you’re traveling thousands of miles in a Ford Econoline, living on the edge of financial reason, working on a dream. Peoples’ nerves are tested as art is balanced with the unpredictability of road life. Telling someone, anyone, they’re doing a good job is essential. It’s a building block on your karma credit card. It’s validation, confirmation and substantiation that what you are doing matters.

Validate today. When someone presents their parking coupon, stamp it and say Nice to see you, Good job, We appreciate your time and effort and abilities. Whether it’s the clerk at the check out stand or your tour manager or your roadie, validation is essential.


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