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June 9, 2010 / alunatunes

Choose three teams

I like selling plants from my garden. It helps me create income and gives me the ability to meet and share my love of plants with others who like green and growing things.

This week, Mr Earl came by to purchase a batch of monkey grass I’m clearing from the back lawn. He came to my door wearing a Pittsburg Steelers tee-shirt so we immediately became fast friends.

When I commented on his shirt, he cheerfully said,”Oh the Steelers are just one of my teams. I have three. I never have a non-winning weekend.” Mr Earl continued to fill me in on some little known facts about my neighborhood and his grandfather who worked in the cedar works along the river. He was an interesting man with four acres of “blank canvas” to work with as a garden. I’m de-cluttering my yard and he’s looking for things to populate his. I’m sure I’ll see him again.

Mr Earl’s comment about three teams resonates with me. For a long time, I only wore one team shirt. That team turned out to be a non-winning entity. As I continue to hone my new business, I believe Mr Earl’s three team philosophy is valid and applicable.

I’m going to be a muti-team gal. I want to always have a winning weekend. Hedge your bets. Put more eggs in your basket.  Wear shirts from other teams. Happiness, after all, is created by our own choosing.


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